Thinking the Thinkable – F1 Without Bernie

2010 Formula one Bahrain Grand Prix gallery.

The Teams' Friends and Family Stand at the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For as long as I can remember the question has been asked, what will Formula One do if Bernie Ecclestone ever departs?  Perhaps it is time to start asking what Formula One will do if the diminutive Brit doesn’t go.A senior sporting and commercial figure who suggests that Hitler did a good job keeping the trains running on time and who uses his own mugging as an advertising opportunity, might add to the gaiety of the world.  However, you’d have to question whether Mr Ecclestone has Formula 1’s best interests at heart.  He might claim that the Bahrain Grand Prix organisers can assure the safety of those attending, but how can he be so certain.  Whatever the outcome, good or ill, he must know that the race will have political consequences for both Formula 1 and the people of Bahrain.

I can’t claim to understand the machinations of the new Formula One Concorde agreement or what exactly the CVC Partnership contributes to the sport.  However, I’m pretty sure that somewhere down the track it all ends up with Tamara Ecclestone buying another £1 million bath and Petra Ecclestone owning the type of house that even Colonel Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein might have considered a tad too ostentatious.

Anyway, thanks Bernie for sprinklers, and shortcuts, and F1 medals, and F1 Digital+, and the Sky deal, and China and Russia and Bahrain and Malaysia and Donnington, New Labour’s tobacco-gate and your women as ‘domestic appliances’ comments, don’t forget to hand in your pit pass on your way out of the paddock.



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