A post about Lewis and why everyone else should shut up about Lewis

So Bernie Ecclestone thinks that Lewis Hamilton should leave McLaren if he has another crash magnet year.  Mark Webber hopes that the Brit will find some form.  Martin Whitmarsh speculates that he has been destabilised by Jenson Button; Stirling Moss thinks he’s not sufficiently focused and Niki Lauda slams him as a risk to other drivers on track.  Here’s a radical idea for all those keen to offer the Stevenage flier advice, the best thing anyone (present company excepted) could do for Hamilton and his career is just shut up about all the peripheral issues.  Personally I couldn’t care less if Lewis is going out with a surviving member of the Andrews Sisters; has Jerry McGuire as his manager and Snoop Rascal and Dizzee Daddy on speed dial.  I don’t care for speculation about whether he’s in a good place, in a bad place, in a bubble, in the zone or out of sorts.  I’d just like him to drive like he can and clip Red Bull’s wings a little.  I don’t want him to change his style, just get involved in slightly fewer unnecessary kerfuffles.  His clashes with Massa last year were like an average Saturday night at midnight outside the local chip shop, with Nicole screeching “Leave it Lewis, he ain’t worth it.”

Anyway, that’s it, that’s the absolute last I’m going to say on the subject. That said, was Lewis looking a little peaky at the Barcelona test?



One thought on “A post about Lewis and why everyone else should shut up about Lewis

  1. I agree with you and would like to add one comment. Yes, it is true that Lewis doesn’t manage his tires the same way as Jenson, but then with the possible exception of Sergio Perez, I don’t think anyone does. So let’s not hear that comment anymore either. I’m sick of hearing “Lewis has failed to/Lewis hasn’t been able to…manage his tires as well as Jenson. Also, has anyone ever seen someone who qualified for Pole and came in third be super happy? Stop overanalyzing and expecting him to be Mr. Cheerful when he doesn’t win. He wasn’t rude but why should he be excited to get dropped from second to third by way of a safety car maneuver. If it had been Alonso being down about placing third, the BBC crew would have said “Aha…that Alonso, he’s such a competitor! He doesn’t give an inch, does he?”, instead of acting like Hamilton somehow dissed their favorite Golden Boy Jenson.

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