Prioritising F1

OK, I admit it, I’ve sold out.  Totally, completely and utterly sold out.  It was the TV advert that did it.  There was no commentary, no hard sell, just an increasingly urgent rhythmic beat building up, shots of the paddock, 5 red lights and go.   To be honest, they had me at the first whirr of the tyre gun.

The SKY man who came to upgrade our perfectly serviceable standard box with the new HD version insisted on demonstrating it using the wildlife channels.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I couldn’t give a stuff about seeing every leaf in the Rocky Mountains; every blade of grass in the Serengeti or the ice dangling from the polar bear’s fur.  I am sure they are fantastically impressive, but my thing is F1.

Of course, they caught me at my most vulnerable; at the precise moment of ultimate F1 anticipation.  Even if the year before has been a dreary, predictable procession; duller than a Kimi Riakkonen press conference, the commentators and specialist journals will always claim that the year ahead could be the best ever in F1.  Despite years of experience and unfulfilled hyperbole, I can almost believe them, for now.  I check out all the testing times, even though I know that they are about as reliable a predictor of form as chicken entrails.  I buy newspapers I wouldn’t normally have any use for other than as lining for the hamster’s cage, just to get the free souvenir F1 season preview. 

Even so, how can I justify the extravagance of a HD TV package?  Well, do my kids really need to learn the violin?  We’re nearly into the Spring, so the holes in their shoes won’t be so much of an issue.  The  5kg slab of Aldi “coloured cheese” (variety unspecified) with the sell by date of 2017, will cover their school lunches until the Summer.

So b*gger the budget and bring on Melbourne.



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