On Bahrain

I Musn’t Go Down to Sakhir*

I musn’t go down to Sakhir today, to that lonely place in the sand

And all I ask is my sport with its head held tall to turn away from this land

where the camels kick and the wind’s strong and the white flag is stained with red

And a mist of tear gas hangs in the air and the faces are full of dread.

*With apologies to John Masefield


One thought on “On Bahrain

  1. Dear Formula 1 Mum

    I am not in the least a fan of this crazy sport but came across this blog while researching Senna after viewing the recent screen depiction. The reason I was willing to be conned into watching that was that I also read The Art of Racing in the Rain by chance mid 2011(a must for F1 fans and Dog Lovers alike). So as you can see, my interest in F1 s luke warm.
    That being said, I did read on today and very much enjoyed your blogs. It’s refreshing to read anything articulate written about any sport these days and I interesting to have what is obviously an educated woman’s perspective.
    Keep up the good work
    I’ll be back.
    DQP (Drive quietly, please)

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